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May 10, 2015

Daddy’s Little Dynamos – Ayesha Kapur

Text by Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi. Photograph by Tejal Pandey

Verve interacts with corporate czarinas who are ardently nurturing their legacies

AYESHA KAPUR, Founder, Ayesha Accessories

Biggest influence
Life and fashion on the streets of Mumbai, New York, Berlin and Tokyo.

Toughest thing
Living in a big city without my family.

I always ask myself ‘Who I am and what I want to achieve’. But I try to live in the moment and find happiness within my constant moment of truth.

On being a woman leader
This has its own advantages and disadvantages; only when it has neither, there will be equality.

Vision for the company
Aim for the stars. We’d like to open around a 100 more shops and be the trendsetters for accessories in India.

On dealing with seniors who worked with her parents (Jaqueline and Dilip Kapur)
We have a very cool team in Ayesha, so we all have fun working together, regardless of the age of the people.

Corporate challenges
Being in the wrong locations is sometimes a lesson learned too late. Once you are stuck in a bad mall or even at just the wrong location within a good mall, it becomes tough.

Aspirational buy
A small plane, so I can quickly visit my family, friends, cats, dogs and horses in Pondicherry, whenever I feel like.

Happiness is
I can be happy about the smallest thing, like seeing a pretty bird.

Pet passions
Acting, designing, travelling and writing.

Little-known detail
I am scared of snakes in spite of growing up in a jungle.

Most expensive jewel
A diamond bracelet from my mother.

Favourite childhood memory
My experiences during the filming of Black and growing up in the lush environs of Auroville.

Greatest indulgences
I love good food, going to spas…and being in love.

Impulsive buys
Expensive hair and body products.

Coveted purchase
An Andalusian stallion, Estigon.

An all-time wardrobe favourite
My grandmother’s vintage jumpsuit from the ’70s and my high heel leather boots from a boutique in Berlin.

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