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November 12, 2012

Circuit Breaker

Text by Nasrin Modak. Photograph by Neha Samuel.

For racer Aditya Patel, what began as a hobby with Go Karts is now a serious career with bigger cars in faster lanes

Aditya Patel’s stellar performance at the 24 Hours ADAC Nurburgring race steered team Pro-handicap e. towards victory in the SP 4T category. He drove the iconic Audi TTS, but when you ask what drives him, he is quick to respond. “Usually it has got four wheels and an engine; otherwise, it is that itch that comes from within.” The 24-year old’s sense of humour is commendable.

The Guia circuit in Macau is his favourite. “It’s a street through the city that’s colourful and extremely challenging due to its narrow, winding track. The fact that every corner can give you a good scare makes it interesting.”

A regular day for Aditya is “like everybody else’s Sunday.” And a day off “is like that regular day I was just talking about,” he quips. When he isn’t on circuit, you’ll find him in Kodaikanal. “We have a little house there and it’s the best place to unwind and forget about everything around you.” Besides cars and racing, Aditya is passionate about cooking and travelling. His big dream for India is to make sure that “like cricket, motorsports too must become popular. There should be more racing tracks and arenas for people to experience and participate”.

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