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October 09, 2018

Cinematic Ties: Anupama Chopra

While movies may create worlds of their own, they play a strong role in influencing and affecting the reality we live in. In the second part of our series, featuring seven film experts, Anupama Chopra speaks about the films that helped shape her outlook on relationships

Films are make-believe but the best ones force us to examine reality. They change our perspectives. There are many that have impacted my view of the world. I’m a sucker for romance and my first notions of love came from the production house of Yash Chopra. One of my favourite YRF films is Kabhie Kabhie (1976). The relationship between Shashi Kapoor’s character and his wife is something so rarely seen in Hindi films. Here is a man willing to accept, with grace, that his wife once loved someone else.

Like much of the world, I also loved Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), especially for how it redefined the notion of masculinity — I loved that Raj would hang about in the kitchen with the ladies or give advice on which sari to buy or fast on karva chauth with Simran. Of course, the film had larger problems in terms of representation but I was swept away by the swooning romance.

One of my favourite love stories is Brokeback Mountain (2005). The intensity of the passion and loss between the two men made my heart ache. More recently, Lady Bird (2017) made me rethink mother-daughter relationships. Their bond is so strong and yet so corrosive and raw. That’s what I love about the movies. You might go in for entertainment but you exit with life lessons.

Anupama Chopra is the editor of Film Companion, a website for reviews, interviews and entertainment coverage.

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