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December 14, 2011

Party animals

Text by Nasrin Modak. Photograph by Ritam Banerjee.

They love parties, both hosting and attending. No wonder Chirag Khandelwal and Akhilesh Lakhotia decided to start a travel company that takes you to the best ones across the globe

On a trip to Spain, two friends got stranded at the airport. A casual conversation, remembering the good ol’ partying nights in Madrid got them thinking on how it would have been more fun if all their friends were around. And then, Eureka! The thought to start Trips Gone Crazy, a unique travel company was born to Chirag Khandelwal and Akhilesh Lakhotia. “Across the world, there are many renowned parties and celebrations that we aren’t aware of or even if one is aware, there is a lot of uncertainty on how to go about it. Our company arranges everything — from travel to stay to entry tickets,” says Chirag.

With them, one can explore cities and its nightlife with a group of likeminded people in a non-touristy way. Of the hundreds of events happening all over the world, they’d like at least the top 20 to be on their list. “We work around an event or a festival and design a package accordingly. We even bargain with organisers to get our travellers the best offers, just like friends would do,” adds Akhilesh.

For both Chirag and him, paellas, fasolada and gazpacho soup and Thai curries make a perfect meal. Add to that Belgian beer, Spanish Cerveza, Greek Ouzo and the mulled wine and they’re sorted. But on a hot beach day, they’d prefer a traditional watermelon cocktail, served in a watermelon shell. On a day off, you’ll find them doing one of the extremes: either they’d be sipping cocktails by a pool or the beach, or go bungee jumping. Evenings of course are reserved for the best parties in town with Abshinthe and Jagermeister shots, a must.

The duo has big plans for the company wanting to take it across continents for young travellers between 18-35 years. But ask them their favourite holiday destination and “it’s got to be Spain and Greece,” they say in unison.

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