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July 18, 2014

Chanting Success

Text By Neha Gupta

Charuvi Agarwal received several accolades for her creation of the Hanuman Chalisa in a 3D interactive installation and also found a mention in the Limca Book of Records

“It’s an embryonic process where resilience is a prerequisite. You are bitten by it much before you grasp the capability to consciously ideate it,” is how artist, Charuvi Agarwal describes her earliest memories of showing a penchant for designing. This entrepreneur of Charuvi Design Labs has found a place in The Limca Book of Records (2007) for her contraption of ‘Claytronics’, an invention she had created a decade earlier. “When I was gifted some unusual self-hardening clay, my father and I got busy with interesting ideas. We made the former PM, IK Gujral’s face, but the body lost proportions and the creation became comical. Soon I realised that a story can be integrated in these caricatures.”

On launching Charuvi Design Labs, one of the significant projects presented to the entrepreneur was the task of creating an animated poetic interpretation of the Hanuman Chalisa. “The real challenge was to step beyond the conventional boundaries and design an experience that connects spirituality with a sense of physicality. We created a freestanding three-dimensional 10-foot pyramid followed by a 25-foot physical installation of Hanuman composed of 260,000 bells and merchandise including an interactive app for iOS/Google and books.”

This pulled her onto the international radar. Within a span of two months her followers on social media increased from 10,000 to two lakh. Agarwal hopes to grow beyond design and dabble with feature length movies, short episodes, and experimental art – for which she is already in talks with clients from Spain and China.

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