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November 09, 2017

Celebrities Whose Style We Love: Khushi Kapoor

Text and Interview by Saumya Sinha. Photograph by Viral Bhayani

For carrying her au naturel look with an edge

Personal style
It used to be all black and basic, but it is evolving. I’m drawn to the unusual; I don’t like having things that everyone else has.

Peek into your wardrobe
Old outfits that I’ve altered, cool jackets, T-shirts and I practically live in leggings.

I need to always wear jewellery on my hands, otherwise I feel bare.

Power dressing
Something bold and daring. I picture a pantsuit or a cool blazer.

Colour crush
Fiery reds and cobalt blues.

Party perfect
Well-cut pants and a tube or crop top with heels.

Label love
Manish Malhotra, Moschino, Off-White.

Style icons
Gigi and Bella (Hadid).

Looking forward to wearing
Oversized hoodies.

A no-brainer look
Sneakers and crop top. Don’t be afraid to look different.

Dressing to feel powerful and feminine
I find myself drawn to bold cuts and colours, and something structured and fitted. I’ll wear the tallest heels I own because I absolutely love looking tall.

Restrictions on style, being an Indian or a resident of India
My parents have always been open to letting me wear anything I’m comfortable in; there’s sadly always a matter of safety that’s raised, but I’ve never had to restrict myself from wearing what I want to.

Dressing to change people’s perceptions
At the end of the day I’ll wear what I feel good in and people may always think something different, but I feel you should just wear what you feel the best in.

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