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March 12, 2011

Born to the arts

Text by Nasrin Modak

Hailing from an art-loving family, Aparajita Jain blends her learning from psychology with the world of art

She strongly believes in supporting young artists from the Indian Subcontinent who extend their talents beyond regular realms and mediums with her venture, Seven Art Gallery. “I look for aesthetics. An artwork should say something and the artist has to be true to it,” Aparajita Jain says firmly.

Having studied psychology, she believes, “The subject teaches you to look beyond the apparent; the world of art is similar.” Her tryst with art began in her hometown, Kolkata. “The city is infused with art and culture,” she remembers. With an art-loving family, especially her grandmother who used to purchase many artworks 60 years ago, Aparajita was destined to love all things artistic. And her marriage at a very young age to an art aficionado only strengthened her affection for the world of canvases and colours.

Her two children are the centre of her world and also her artistic interests. “I take them out to galleries and museums. When you experience art, the grass looks greener and the sky, even bluer. I’m glad my kids have begun to love art too,” says Aparajita.

The art gallery owner doesn’t map her day. “I don’t plan. When I wake up, I can’t wait to get to work. It’s more like a holiday,” she says. No wonder, she hardly takes time off work and when she does, “I read, study Vedanta and go scuba diving.”

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