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November 11, 2010

Bling queen

Text by Sohini Datta

Priyanka Choksi, the business head of A. Jaffe in India, on her quest to find the perfect engagement ring

She is not just about her million-dollar smile. With a serious interest in political science and art, she is a fine cocktail of a bit of everything including a whole lot of bling. After completing her schooling from Mumbai, Priyanka Choksi studied political science and architectural design at Columbia University. She immersed herself in her father, Mehul Choksi’s work of jewellery design, shuttling between Milan and Paris. With enough globe-trotting in her bag to give any diplomat a run for his money, this jewelled chica met her prince somewhere in between and thus began the life-changing journey of finding the perfect ring. A woman of many facets just like a diamond, she even dabbled into the world of IT and Ecommerce for a while till she met her fiancé. Her deep interest in architecture and history has shaped her mindset. She says, “I have always been drawn towards history which is why the influence of romanticism plays a big role in my life.”

On her tryst with the brand and on her search for the perfect jewel she adds, “I couldn’t find a ring here, so I went back to New York. Bringing A. Jaffe to India was also about bringing the entire cradle of the brand’s rich history and New York’s own influence on it. I don’t think it is my passion for jewellery that made me do this but rather my fervour to set up a one-stop shop for women like me.” With hobbies like reading and theatre, the young lady plans to settle in beautiful Belgium after marriage and travel back frequently to India.

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