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June 22, 2015

Verve and Louis Vuitton Diaries #1 Bhumika Shodhan

Text by Simone Louis. Photographs by Tejal Pandey

Verve visits the city of Ahmedabad to catch up with six charming women, and discovers their love for fashion and Louis Vuitton

Bhumika’s first tryst with Louis Vuitton happened a decade ago, on a trip to San Francisco. “I bought my first LV bag and an iconic pair of black-and-gold heels. I am happy to now own quite a few LV limited-edition pieces.” Being a designer, what she enjoys most is learning about the quality, workmanship, history and anecdotes behind each design. “It’s not merely a fashion statement; it’s more of an inclination towards detail and craftsmanship that leads me to buy an LV creation,” she elaborates. “The Journées Particulières de LVMH is a very interesting programme for me, as it gives me an opportunity to learn about how LV designs and crafts its beautiful products.” The fashionista has her own beautiful products, too, which she creates alongside her husband for their popular brand, Shyamal & Bhumika.

The designer duo recently opened a magnificent store in Mumbai, modelled after their grandiose headquarters in Ahmedabad, where Bhumika is now prepping for our camera. About the city, she says, “It offers you the peace, space and inspiration to create your own distinct style. It’s a culturally rich city with a character that doesn’t overpower or distract. It gives us the liberty to be connected to our roots and style.”

Despite having a firm footing here, the couple is always travelling, as they make it a point to explore a new destination every eight weeks for a short break with their children. “I enjoy spending my weekends in the countryside, but beach destinations are also extremely relaxing. I love Europe for its fashion, history, culture and cuisine.” Bhumika is quite happy shuttling between cities within India too, since she is backed by a strong work ethic. “Personally, I am very relaxed and easy-going. At work and with my kids, I am on an agenda and make sure things fall into place. This balance works best for me since I don’t get stressed easily, and can handle situations well, even under pressure.”

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