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March 30, 2017

This Artist Creates Exceptional 3D Sculptures Out Of Beeswax

Text by Zaral Shah

Bhagyashree Suthar’s novel sculpting techniques make her an artist to be reckoned with

Harbouring a passion for music, travelling, sports and adventure hikes, the artist showcased her fantastical geometric worlds in  beeswax  sculptures, wax  paintings and drawings at her recent debut solo show Fractal Future. Embracing the unexpected and imagining the city of the future have long been sources of fascination for Bhagyashree Suthar.

Appreciation and accolades
Knowing that hundreds, thousands or even millions of people look at your work and enjoy it or have an emotional response to it is
an amazing feeling.

A cherished creation
The triptych drawing named The Way To Morrow. This work is distinct in terms of content and visual appearance.

Biggest Inspiration
The architect Zaha Hadid. I consider her a role model for showing such immense passion for her work and having the capacity to infect others with her organic fluid architectural forms. Hadid’s buildings certainly don’t look compromised; they are full of vigour and form, and new ideas.

Work of wonder
Antoni Gaudi’s consecrated Sagrada Família, which struggles to compress all of earth and heaven into its structure, with endless saints, biblical scenes, symbols and inscriptions on the walls of the church in Barcelona.

Looking ahead
I have to explore much more regarding my works in terms of visuals, techniques and information in this coming year. I also need to look at different ways of using beeswax in my work and build massive structures with it.

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