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October 19, 2017

Best Dressed 2017: Zina Singh And Her Modern Heirloom Treasures

Text and Interview by Saumya Sinha. Photograph by Shubham Lodha

“It’s more about the attitude and sense of being rather than just dressing”

Creative director and co-founder at Touch and Be; New Delhi

Recently discovered labels
Maria Elena Villamil, Colombia; Khaite, New York.

On your current lust list
Balenciaga Triangle bag, Puma sneaks, a baker hat.

Love to shop in
London; I know the streets and vintage shops. And, local handicrafts from Turkey – kilim slippers, pendants and interesting hats from the bazaars.

Go-to designers
Urvashi Kaur, Dhruv Kapoor, All Things Mochi, Topshop, Stella McCartney, Sermoneta Gloves.

Fashion as a tool to change people’s perceptions
There have been many incidents where we have boosted people’s confidence and morale by just experimenting. It’s great to see them try new things and have that little discovery.

Dressing to feel powerful and feminine
It’s more about the attitude and sense of being rather than just dressing, though I do love to wear my salwar kameez with a nice scarf and leather vest. I also love denim and boots.

How does your personal style differ from your sister’s?
My sister’s style is more clean and edgy. My style is more country, cultural, lazy.

Restrictions on style,being an Indian or a resident of India
There are very few restrictions as I live a carefree and secure life but there are times when I feel that I need to be wary of my outfit. I feel women judge each other more at times.

Heirloom treasures
Old silk jackets, blouses, shirts from Mom.

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