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October 18, 2017

Best Dressed 2017: Kavya Trehan And Her Eccentric Style Statements

Text and Interview by Saumya Sinha. Photograph by Shubham Lodha

“My all-time favourite look would be a high-neck black dress with Adidas Originals NMD kicks”

Musician, model, actor and interior decorator; New Delhi

Personal style
Well-fitted and unpredictable.

All-time favourite look
A high-neck black dress with Adidas Originals NMD kicks.

Style inspiration
G-Dragon – the K-pop heartthrob.

Labels you would blindly trust
AM.IT by Amit Aggarwal, Adidas Originals.

Dressing to feel powerful and feminine
I usually opt for a high-waisted pantsuit with a high ponytail and over-blushed cheeks.

Restrictions on style, being an Indian or a resident of India
I do stay cautious, to be honest, by avoiding too-tiny-for-comfort clothing when I go out at night in Delhi and stay respectful to places that have dress-codes. However, on a regular basis, I’m proudly uninhibited.

Fashion as a tool to change people’s perceptions
Always. I’m all about self-expression with clothes – and trickery.

On-stage avatar
Every piece of clothing I’ve worn on stage has an element of free-flow and movement which is different from my daily look. My everyday outfits are less extravagant, but I’d love to don a stage outfit to get my groceries, someday.

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