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January 04, 2016

Best Dressed 2015: Mohini Boparai Guleria

Text and Interview by Saumya Sinha. Additional inputs by Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi. Realisation by Ashima Gupta, Tejal Pandey, Shweta Navandar and Chandni Bahri. Photograph by Anshika Varma

For turning her sartorial choices into an extension of her personality

Architect-turned-fashion entrepreneur; general manager, lifestyle and fashion at; soon to launch a beauty vertical; New Delhi.

Style mantra
Classic with a touch of fun.

Shopping destinations
While I can spend hours at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC, I love to visit the by-lanes of cities that I visit, for local boutiques and labels.

Fashion faux pas
When people follow trends blindly at the cost of comfort.

Best sartorial gift you have ever received
My Versace trench coat given to me by my father, back in the ’80s.

Fragrance you are addicted to
Cruel Intentions by Kilian.

Will never be seen without
Eyeliner, statement accessories and jewellery.

A current trend you sport with a personal take
I have fallen in love with the sports-luxe trend as it has made sneakers legal in the fashion world.

One style tip that really worked for you
Classic silhouettes, comfortable high heels (no, it’s not an oxymoron!), and a ‘bring-it-on’ attitude.

A trend you cannot get enough of
I like to invest in timeless pieces which can be complemented with suitable attires to amplify elegance.

Most stylish women alive
My mother, my aunt and the always beautiful and impeccably dressed Olivia Palermo.

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