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February 22, 2016

Gene Junction: Ayesha Guilia Kapur

Text by Zaral Shah

Jewellery Designer Ayesha Guilia Kapur talks about wanting to be a citizen of the world and finding a sense of belonging

“Being surrounded by every kind of culture has made me open and accepting…”

A citizen of the world at heart, the co-founder, brand ambassador and trend researcher of Ayesha Accessories is fluent in English, German, Hindi and Tamil. Training to be an actress, Ayesha Giulia Kapur is best known for her performance in the 2005 movie, Black. The youngest person to have won an IIFA Award, she also aims to excel in business, and is currently exploring new passions.

An international upbringing
“Growing up in Auroville (a township in South India that consists of citizens from all over the world) allowed me to meet a complete range of people from all kinds of nationalities and backgrounds. I had friends from Italy, Korea, America, Germany, and India. Being surrounded by every kind of language and culture has made me very open and accepting as a person.”

A sense of belonging
“I never quite fit in completely anywhere (except for Auroville). When I was in the US, I seemed very Indian to the people there; when I’m in Mumbai, people think I act in a very Westernised way…though I don’t see this as an issue. I feel fortunate to be connected to both and I want to be considered a citizen of the world.”

Bridging the gap
“I have recently gotten to know the Indian side of my family better and they have been amazing pillars of support for me. I have experienced a lot of generosity and kindness from them. I knew my grandmother very well — and we had a lovely relationship. I’ve also visited my grandparents in Germany every summer for as long as I can remember, and those holidays gave me a lot of perspective about Western culture.”

Cuisine choices
“I am a foodie and love trying out different types of food. Indian food has a great melange of flavours. It can get a little overwhelming and heavy at times though. One of my favourite meals is a very simple, freshly baked German wholegrain bread with butter and salt. As a bit of a health freak, my food needs to be fresh and not too oily. I generally prefer to stick to lighter meals. Japanese food is another favourite of mine.”

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