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October 01, 2014

Arjun Kapoor’s Quick 15

Text by Neha Gupta. Photograph by Rohan Shrestha

A rapid fifteen with Arjun Kapoor, in a casual stream of consciousness, allows you to take a look at the mind behind the man as you discover what is on his bucket list…or not

1. One obsession “Films. Cinema.”

2. An international actor you would want to work with? “Brad Pitt, I guess. Male or female?”

3. Either. “Yeah, and Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence.”

4. Something you can’t do without… “My DVD player.”

5. Something new in your wardrobe… “Got a new watch.”

6. Which watch is that? “AP (Audemars Piguet).”

7. What do women find most attractive about you? “Apparently my smile.”

8. Three things that make you happy… “Ghar ka khana, bahar ka khana, khana. And films.”

9. You can’t stand… “Bad breath.”

10. When you want to relax you… “Sleep.”

11. If you weren’t an actor, you would have been… “A director.”

12. Or… “A producer. I would be something in the film industry. I don’t understand anyhthing else so. I’m not passionate enough about anything else, unfortunately, yet.”

13. Top five things on your bucket list: “Learn how to cook five things at least – five decent things; travel a lot – take a year off and just travel and go to all the mad places, not the conventional places…like go this place in Iceland which has an ice spa. Or to Kilimanjaro where they have the swing – it’s manmade so it can crack any time and looks down 2000 feet. Learn how to play an instrument, I guess. I hope to get a film that allows me to learn music. I want to do adventure sports. As many as I can – skydiving, bungee jumping….”

14. You haven’t done any of them? “I have – I’ve done some of them but not as much as I would have liked, so I like to push the envelope. I don’t know actually. I’m feeling too young to have a bucket list, but these are things on my mind. What else is on my mind? Have a house in New York. Definitely, I mean buy a house in New York.”

15. Where, exactly? “Manhattan. SoHo maybe. Or overlooking Central Park would be nice. And go abroad to study for a bit. Going to New York…forget buying the apartment but living there for maybe three-four months, possibly six months, and doing a writing course, or a directing course or a culinary course…. I want to do something like that before I die, for sure.”

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