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November 15, 2010

Small wonders

Text by Kadambari Gupte. Photograph by Shweta Walavalkar

From a part-time hobby to a full-time profession, Archana Sheth has come a long way in the world of designing for kids…

Moving from being a full-time mother to a hands-on product designer was just a shift of focus in her day’s work for Archana Sheth. Coping with her kids’ constant demands for something different – and realising the lack of innovative products for Gen Next in the market – she came up with ‘And What Else?’ Today, Archana works around themes and makes sure that every range of her products is characterised by distinctive, quirky and innovative elements. For example, for a tea party, she would enhance the ambience with pictures of muffins and cookies! “Kids these days are extremely demanding. They want something unique, colourful, attractive, and eye-catching every time,” says Archana. With her Bachelors in Commercial Art from Sophia College, she loves her world filled with colours, fairy-tale characters and, of course, children. From graffiti-packed tiffins to colourful wallets, her designs are now a staple in every other baby shower and birthday. “I like out-of-the-box ideas but I never ignore the utility of the items,” she says.

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