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June 16, 2011

Creating Dreams

Text by Malvika Sah

Believing in the power of the space you occupy, Anjali Goel, CEO, the luxe design house La Sorogeeka, stylishly endows it with qualities that holistically enhance and enrich it

  • Anjali Goel, CEO, the luxe design house La Sorogeeka
  • Anjali Goel, CEO, the luxe design house La Sorogeeka
  • Anjali Goel, CEO, the luxe design house La Sorogeeka
  • Anjali Goel, CEO, the luxe design house La Sorogeeka

“God is in details – design starts in the heart and ends in the mind. My design philosophy is based on the belief that beauty in design must not just be seen, but also be felt. Every small detail is not just a visual treat but also an emotional fulfilment of the senses,” says Anjali Goel, the creative brain behind La Sorogeeka – the brand known for its high-end, luxurious interior solutions, adding “My design mantra takes care of design in all its glory, where everything from the walls, ceiling to lighting and colour gets its due attention.”

Born in a conservative Marwari family, Goel started out by designing and creating concepts for friends and family. She was a fashion designer by qualification and despite no formal training in interiors, she eventually moved into designing homes, resorts and corporate spaces. She is driven by the desire of morphing dreams into reality – a desire that caters to every individual’s dream.

Her off-the-wall sense of style and inventiveness was first noticed when she designed a lavish 20,000-square-foot office space with pastel colours and off-white wood, breaking away from the usual brown wood. She is also accredited with introducing water bodies and plush gardens to office areas. “I wish to create and present what one has not seen or visualised, it has to be something out of the ordinary,” she says vivaciously. Over the last 20 years, from designing premises, manufacturing high-end designer furniture to handling key projects of high-end homes, offices and hotels, Goel and La Sorogeeka have been there, done that!

And just when you thought you had seen it all, Goel has taken La Sorogeeka a notch higher with the introduction of Asia’s biggest Design and Interiors facility, as its flagship address at Noida. Spread on a three-sided open island plot, it takes the visitor by surprise with its design and architecture. The luxe, work-friendly ambience stretches into the boardroom where design blends seamlessly with commerce to create a powerful impact. The colours – black and brown – are the apt hues to enhance the overall effect under a glass blown bubble ceiling. Goel emphasises, “The space you are in has an effect on you. Functionality and beauty gives equal importance to create that perfect space for your activities, so you not only enjoy your work but also admire the beauty that surrounds you. The right mood lighting, colour palette, design and layouts are of utmost importance wherever one is.”

She credits her creativity to her office space, one that she has created. “It is my place of power and I feel that my energy is at its highest there. If anyone ever asked me what is my most favourite creation, till today I say it’s the La Sorogeeka facility at Noida spread over three acres. My room overlooks the large lawns and I sit back and truly enjoy the hard work of the last two decades. Building this from a five-foot deep lake into this 1,00,000 square-foot premises was a Herculean task. I gave every minute to it. I chose the colours black, tobacco with red as for me black is power, tobacco is sophistication and red is for passion. My office stands for all this. I love it and feel it is an extension of myself.”  The stylih area has a combined space for furniture, a manufacturing unit sprawled over one lakh square feet, office block of 10,000 square feet and a showroom space of 15,000 square feet.

Goel feels that colour makes or breaks a design. It should remain in sync with the seasons. For instance, she says, “Hot summer months invite light and fresh colours like white and pinks, while spring goes best with yellows, oranges and lime greens. Winters bend towards a colour palette of dark browns and deep greens.”
For her, interior designing is not just about the fixtures – everything from the fabric to selection of veneers to wood, all play a vital role in doing up a space. “Customers today are well aware of the look they want for their homes and what they wish to achieve with a particular style of furnishing,” she says about the preferences of her high-end clientele.

And with the fast-changing economies of the world, India, according to her is turning into a nucleus of the design universe, where the splendid tradition of colour, ornamentation and craft is slowly ushering in an ‘Indian Renaissance’ in the International circuit: “The world has become very small – Indians are big customers to all international brands. A revolution is taking place in interiors. India is flooded with materials from all over the world. It’s great for India as this opens a huge possibility for Indian designers.”

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