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February 26, 2015

Going Crackers

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Just like her quaint café nestled amidst pots of bougainvillea and patterned tiles, restaurateur Anaheeta Bafna is equally whimsical, offbeat and fun

You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the famous Seven Layer Cookie at The Nutcracker. Anaheeta Bafna, owner of the Parisian-style café, whips up an all-day breakfast menu featuring fluffy pancakes, egg sliders and comforting cakes. The best part is that everything is made in-house, including the breads and dips. Read our in-depth review here.
We indulge in a quick chat with the enterprising restaurateur.

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    Anaheeta Bafna, Founder, The Nutcracker
  • breakfast egg slider
    Breakfast egg slider
  • french toast
    French toast
  • Pesto Panini
    Pesto Panini

What’s in the name “I was inspired by a collection of ancient Indian nutcrackers that I came across at a friend’s home.”

Inspiration “The Nutcracker is a passion project for me. Opening a small quaint home-style café and feeding people comfort food was always a dream.”

An all-vegetarian menu “I am a Parsi and I married a Jain — the eggs were the compromise. But on a more serious note, I truly believe a vegetarian meal can be very interesting and fulfilling, and I wanted to bring out the best in our menu.”

Most savoured at The Nutcracker “The Seven Layer Cookie.”

Start-up challenges “The single largest challenge was finding the right place at the right price!”

Best part about being an entrepreneur “The sense of self-satisfaction at the end of each work day no matter how hard or exhausting it has been. And, the drive that you auto generate for yourself, because it’s your baby and you can’t accept anything going wrong with it.”

Favourite cafés “Café Zoe, Indigo Deli, Kala Ghoda Café.”

Absolutely evergreen “A classic grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate cake!”

A change post The Nutcracker “TGIF changed to TGIM -Thank God it’s Monday! In this industry, weekends are the busiest days and come Monday morning, I get to take a break (we open late on Mondays).”

When looking for inspiration, you… “Go to great restaurants and remind myself of the joy good food can truly bring to one’s life.”

A motto you stick by “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Success is “Consistently delivering high-quality food, and having people appreciate you for that.”

Currently readingThe Art of the Restaurateur by Nicholas Lander.”

In your fridge “Fruits, fresh green chutney, sprouts, bread, cheese and Nutella.”

Looking forward to in 2015… “The multitude of experiences that await me in my journey…as we have only just begun!”

The Nutcracker is at Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai. Check out our Kala Ghoda map, which should help you navigate your way around the area. 

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