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June 13, 2016

Meet The Girls Behind NorBlack NorWhite

Text by Zaral Shah

Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya are self-taught artistes committed to protecting the ancient practices used in textile design

“Growing up, I was really focussed on my personal style, even if it was something as simple as planning my look for the next day in school, but I didn’t think of a career in design,” shares Amrit Kumar, co-founder of NorBlack NorWhite (NBNW).

Mriga Kapadiya, the other brain behind the brand, says, “My parents’ lives were steeped in cultural events and activities…I appreciate design from all aspects, from lighting and space to costume and the way food is plated.”

The genesis of the label — that rests on respecting the past, enquiring about the present and fashioning for the future — was encouraged by a shared love for the traditional crafts, shares Mriga. “We grew up on ’90s R & B and old-school hip-hop and are fond of the aesthetics from that time.” For a team that is passionate about experimenting and putting things together, the birth of a new collection, explains Amrit, is the result of playing with the fabrics that they are drawn to at that moment. “In the past, the textiles would come from the particular region that each line would be focussed on. Recently, we’ve been experimenting with the old-fashioned format of seasonal collections…we love doing capsules.”

Amrit’s personal style, she emphasises, “depends on the armour I feel like wearing to take on the mission in front of me. Comfort is key; layers give you the advantage of adding and removing; and gold bling is always a necessity”. When asked about which creative person’s life she would like to live for a day, Mriga says, “Recently RiRi (Rihanna) has been killing it with art direction and styling. It would be fun to dress up like her!”

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