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June 12, 2011

Three’s Company

Text by Malvika Sah. Photograph by Varun Sikka

The cutting-edge customised creativity of the hip trio, Aeiman Jarwala, Karan Berry and Ateev Anand, infuses their shoes and bags with ‘old as new’ designs

Two may be company and three a crowd for most, but for Aeiman Jarwala, Karan Berry and Ateev Anand, the ‘unlucky’ number spells super success.

Their creative streak got them together during their college days in Mumbai and the brand a.k.a bespoke took birth straight after, with the simple aim of creating “exclusive bespoke pieces” as per the demands and needs of each of their clients.

In this era of mass production, their USP lies in customisation. The shoes and bags from their collection make ample use of the ancient Indian craft – ‘karigari’. “We enjoy conjuring up ‘old-as-new’ designs – working on classic shapes in innovative materials or combining two contrasting styles to create a new statement. We appreciate the natural hue of things but at the same time enjoy an eccentric surprise of colour to keep the madness alive,” says Ateev, who according to the other two, is the most artistic bringing in lots of contemporary innovation to even the smallest detail.

The trio recently showcased their men’s footwear collection and are all set to launch their women’s footwear and bags. They plan to expand their base to start retailing overseas and ultimately emerge as a global luxury accessory brand. The designs are a result of extensive research, incessant sampling and fine tuning of even the most trivial details. Like all youngsters, arguments and disagreements do happen, though, “We are able to connect with each other’s sensibilities, and there is enough appreciation for individual expression, so there is never a conflict at the work table,” says Karan.

Known for his wacky imagination, Karan helps them envisage their designs while Ateev brings in a lot of technical research and perfection and Aieman the funniest of the three has the absolute last word. Together they make three good company!

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