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June 19, 2017

Power Moment 2017: Anamika Khanna

Text by Saumya Sinha

For being invited by the Queen of England for the UK-India year of culture….

The master of couture has established herself as the go-to designer for trousseau, prêt and couture designs. The veteran has reinterpreted the Maharashtrian nine-yard sari to create dhoti pants that became a hot trend endorsed by celebrities and fashionistas alike. She has not only been instrumental in the modernisation of Indian textiles and craft, but has also put Indian fashion on the global map – think Sonam Kapoor’s iconic sari at Cannes. More recently, the torchbearer of Indian fashion was invited by the Queen of England to the Buckingham palace as part of the UK-India year of culture.

On being part of the Queen’s guest-list
“An invitation from the queen was an absolute honour and a moment of pride. Being relevant in the cultural space of India just confirms the genuineness of the work we do. The experience was surreal. The fact that the Royal family did not merely make an appearance but mingled with everyone for the evening just made it so much more gracious.”

The underlying theme
“What matters is humility and respect, for your work, and for all those around you. Rethinking Indian fashion in the international context, modernising what exists and introducing new ideas to the Indian silhouettes, while keeping Indian craft alive has been important from our perspective.”

Personal challenges
“Since I had no formal training in fashion, my journey has been difficult. And not hailing from a city like Mumbai or Delhi, it was tough to be relevant and to be accepted in the early stages. Going international too wasn’t easy. I started as the new kid on the block and realised that the world of fashion was very different from what I’d known it to be. It’s been a tough road with true learning.”

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