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'13 Issue 12

Mistaken Modernities

Text by Parmesh Shahani

As you stride out into the world with renewed confidence, 18 is the time to reinvent yourself. Parmesh Shahani takes a look at the India our 18-year-old Verve girl is entering into
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Rishi Desai MasterChef

Made In India, Served In Australia

Text by Viseshika Sharma. Photograph by Poulomi Dey

Meet Rishi Desai, the Kolhapur boy who captured our MasterChef Australia-obsessed hearts
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women bartenders

Women Who Shake & Stir

Text by Neha Gupta. Photographs by Ryan Martis

One juggled, another muddled and the third fancied a flair, as Verve got chatting with three lady bartenders over sparkling wine and vodka cocktails, about their work behind the bar
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Lessons In Small Town Living

Text by Camilla Gibb. Illustration by Salil Sojwal

London-born, Toronto-Based author Camilla Gibb pens a short story about doubt, talent and self-realisation that transcends boundaries of imagination and creativity
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18 Till I Die

Text by Radhika Vaz. Illustration by Kunal Kundu

A body that knows that it is 40, while the mind remains in almost permanent denial. New York-based comedian, Radhika Vaz recounts a humorous narration of getting blitzed when she shifted from being a thinking adult to a teenager
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Moni Mohsin

Divided By A Common Language

Text by Moni Mohsin. Illustration by Hemant Sapre

The apple is no longer just a fruit, a window is not only a casement and a mouse is more than a rodent. Pakistani author, Moni Mohsin traces the way that languages like all living things evolve to renew and revitalise themselves
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