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'13 Issue 03

Louis Vuitton, Style
March 19, 2013

Face Value

Text by Shirin Salwan.

The amalgamation of fashion and art is not confined to clothes anymore, but has seeped into everything from architecture to visual merchandising. Artists are not just collaborating with designers to create distinctive merchandise; they have even lent their creative flair to store windows that are masterpieces in themselves. Shirin Salwan peeps into the fascinating world of three such brands and delves into this evolving trend...
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Bibhu Mohapatra with a member of the RTR team in Mumbai

Princess For A Day

Text by Priya Mirchandani

A cyber fairy tale unfolds as best friends, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss share a ‘closet full of clothes but nothing to wear’ moment. And so is born Rent The Runway that offers scores of college Cinderellas an opportunity to dress, look and feel like their favourite celebrities, for one special evening. Priya Mirchandani delves into the sartorial story which has pulled three Indian designers into its pages
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Vidya Zaveri, Jeweller, Fashion Designer and Matchmaker

Jeweller, fashion designer and matchmaker…Vidya Zaveri wears many hats while managing to infuse exclusivity into all her endeavours
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Ankita Srivastava

Starry Dreamer

Text by Shreya Shah. Photograph by Tejal Pandey.

From theatre she moved to doing advertisements for leading brands and diverse roles in the movies. Ankita Srivastava, whose Life is Good was showcased at the South African Film Festival, is on a roll
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Louis Vuitton

Art In Tokyo

Text by Shirin Mehta.

For its sixth exhibition, Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo heads towards the west to explore the Indian contemporary art scene...
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David Abraham, Payal Jain, Sunil Sethi and Rina Dhaka

An innovative design sensibility, an ingenious execution of assigned tasks and the comfortable, natural fabric seamlessly blended in Cotton Council International’s recently concluded fashion competition Let’s Design 5 as the country’s future design leaders competed for the top prize
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