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'12 Issue 12

The Taj West End, Bengaluru
December 22, 2012

Hotel with a Past

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena.

It started as a boarding house with ten beds 125 years ago. Today, The Taj West End in the Garden City offers an oasis of luxury. Verve visits the iconic hotel to take a walk down memory lane
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Florentine House Gucci, Gurgaon
December 20, 2012

Gucci in Bloom!

Text by Shirin Mehta. Photo Courtesy Gucci Museo Collection.

Florentine House Gucci inaugurates its fifth store in India, in Gurgaon, and celebrates the event with typical panache. Verve reports...
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December 19, 2012

The Other Side of Montmartre

Text by Vinod Advani.

Vinod Advani looks beyond the Sacre Coeur...
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Fareeda Kanga, Christmas markets
December 18, 2012

From Germany's winter wonderland to France's shopping haven, see how Europe sparkles during Christmas.
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Chef Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia and Chef Sunil Rathod

Pepper Play with Pomegranates

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Photographs by Akash Mehta.

Borrowing from the traditional hues of Christmas – red and green – Executive Chef Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia and Chef Sunil Rathod create innovative seafood recipes in Goa with the popular bell peppers and the often under-rated pomegranate. Verve chats with them to find out how the unusual mix of ingredients fired their imaginations to conjure up tasty plates
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Yakuta Sarkari, Cold Food Company

Gastronomic Soirées

Text by Sonal Ved. Photographs by Poulomi Dey.

I often get intrigued with questions such as what do beauticians apply on their skin or whose art does an artist hang on his wall or what do writers read. But as a food writer, one question that baffles me the most is what do chefs cook for their own house parties? As envoys of fine food, aren’t chefs expected to rustle up a smorgasbord that can put a royal wedding to shame? As the party season crawls close, a lot of us will be battling similar pressures. To whet my curiosity, I walked through three bustling kitchens of Mumbai’s most celebrated gourmet caterers. These five culinarians have been supervising every swanky party in town. Perfect to help me create my own celebratory setting! Five gourmet caterers spill the beans on inspired home entertaining
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