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'12 Issue 03

Amish Tripathi, Banker, Writer, Shiva bhakt, The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas

In His Divine Write

Text by Shashi Baliga.

Mumbai-based Amish Tripathi’s philosophy of tolerance, his understanding of mythology and his avowed admiration for Shiva are evident in his best-selling works The Immortals of Meluha and The Secret of the Nagas. Busy completing the Shiva trilogy, the banker-turned author takes time out to chat with Verve about his rejection slips, godly blessings and movie offers....
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Pria Kataria Puri, Fashion Designer
March 24, 2012

Arabian Nights

Text by Nasrin Modak.

A deep-toned whirling dervish from Istanbul stands alongside a rosewood African statue. Next to it is a Japanese inspired bronze figurine. What links the three is the shade. In the quiet neighbourhood of downtown Kuwait, stands fashion designer Pria Kataria Puri’s mansion. This is where she places different artifacts together in a colour story where they blend to form a narrative, discovers Verve
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Ranjani Shettar, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Sculptures That Speak

Text by Madhu Jain.

This winter the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, launched its new contemporary art space with Ranjani Shettar’s enigmatically titled show Dewdrops and Sunshine. The artist, who lives and works in the rural Shimoga district, Karnataka, and has showed in premier institutions worldwide, is inspired by natural rhythms to create magical and plant like forms. In a conversation with Verve she speaks about her abstract sculptures, floating installations and the illusions in her work....
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Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum

Unravelling History

Text by Meher Marfatia.

Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, believes that India has an incomparable heritage and its museums are a unique resource for understanding it. In conversation with Verve, he speaks about engaging the young with history and the recent collaboration between the British Museum and Indian Ministry of Culture, to provide tailor-made training for curators and museum professionals
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Sofitel Luxury Hotels, Isabelle Miaja
March 22, 2012

Of Paisley and Damask

Text by Malvika Sah.

Sofitel Luxury Hotels, known for their contemporary French hospitality, have entered India with a launch in Mumbai BKC. Isabelle Miaja – Director of Miaja Design Group – known for an eye for the smallest detail and the woman behind the exclusive look of the hotel, talks about the project, challenges and her Indian experiences
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Vikas Khanna, Michelin star chef in New York

Chasing A Culinary Dream

Text by Jayashree Menon.

A love for home-cooked food and the countless hours spent in his grandmother’s kitchen fired the imagination of the simple boy from Amritsar who is today a much-feted Michelin star chef in New York. The affable and popular Vikas Khanna, who came into the national limelight when he judged MasterChef India Season 2, talks to Verve about the different ventures that are on his plate
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