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'12 Issue 02

February 23, 2012

Love For Tokyo

Text by Radhika Jha.

When it comes to the everyday rituals of living, few cities in the world can beat Tokyo, writes Radhika Jha, who discovers the city’s elusive smell and revels in a bowl of what she has christened the Downtown Ice-cream Sundae
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Mausam, Lovleen Bains for Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, Bollywood Style Awards

Bollywood Style Awards 2012

Text by Sitanshi Talati-Parikh. Photographed by Manmeet Bhatti. Styling by Nirali Mehta.

Indian cinema has proven with its recent offerings that it can confidently step up to the plate and serve style that matches the character and mood of the movie rather than cook up a half-baked stew of fashion and metre. As Verve pointed out last year, couture has found a definite place in Indian cinema, whether through a subtle pair of designer shades or through a statement handbag. The good news is high fashion isn’t being used as candy floss on the big screen – it’s playing a specific role. Costumiers are equally willing to turn to village threads for authenticity, or design garish, bordering-on-the-vulgar outfits for a real-life character, as they are to doll up their actors in an international label. While there may not be any path-breaking moves here, costume design 2011 has been authentic, stylish and character-oriented. It sets the stage to push the envelope further, away from the sensationalist and dysfunctional ensembles of the past. Verve picks out four movies that impressed with their true-to-the-grain styling, and Verve recreates these looks with young actors Sarah Jane Dias and Sahil Shroff
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Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs, Lavinia Brennan, Beulah London

Fashion & Faith

Text by Nisha Paul. Photographs by Shalina.

Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan, co-founders and creative directors of the luxury ethical fashion label, Beulah London, speak to Verve about their commitment to India as well as their royal clientele
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Circa 1193, The Complete Dining Experience, New Delhi
February 19, 2012

View From the Top

Text by Malvika Sah.

Located across the iconic Qutub Minar, the well-appointed Circa 1193 satiates the palate and senses alike. Vidhur Parashar – one of the four partners of the popular restaurant – chats with Verve on what makes it a must-visit eatery in the capital
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Sarita Mandanna

Future Perfect

Illustration by Kunal Kundu.

It’s when we forgo the retelling of our histories and let go of our safe perches that the most magic can happen. Sarita Mandanna urges us to stand on the edge of that lily pad, kick back our heels, take a leap of faith and soar
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Aishwarya Dhanush, Dhanush

Family Matters

Text by Nasrin Modak.

Director Aishwarya Dhanush’s show of intellect can easily be mistaken for arrogance and her husband and actor-singer Dhanush’s simplicity for ignorance. Interacting with the Kolaveri di couple, Verve finds them extremely warm and grounded!
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