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'08 Issue 10

Chefs Giancarlo Di Francesco and Then Kok Leong

Stalks of Desire

Text by Vinod Advani. Photographs by Sameer Belvalkar

A far cry from the foie gras of our first in this series, the ingredient this time, is white asparagus. Known for its medicinal properties, this vegetable, often called ‘white gold’ steps into our culinary pan, as Verve witnesses the dishing up of two exotic recipes
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Karisma Kapoor, Bollywood Actress

Quiet Poise

Text by Shirin Mehta. Photographs By Vikram Bawa. Styling by Nisha Jhangiani. Make-up and hair by Subhash Vagal

Karisma Kapoor may have given the silver screen a miss these last few years, but she cannot escape the public gaze as she continues to redefine and grow her sense of style. Here is up-to-the-moment dressing ensconced in a gentle vibe from another era, discovers Verve who probes the reclusive fashion diva’s style depths
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Dimpy Menon, Sculptor
October 17, 2008

Extravagance Curbed

Text by Anita Nair

In sculptor Dimpy Menon’s world, there is no room for glut or even immoderation. Excess is trimmed. Verve finds herself fascinated by the holy matrimony of content and form
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Anne F Rothenberg, director of the Humanities Center, Harvard

The Natty Professor

Text by Arshad Said Khan. Photograph by Bajirao Pawar

Homi Bhabha, the radical post colonial theorist is working on a new book and was recently voted one of the best dressed men in Boston. Passing through Mumbai, the director of the Humanities Center, Harvard, posed and talked for Verve with Arshad Said Khan
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Nasreen Qureshi

India’s Best Dressed List 2008

Text by Shirin Mehta, Nisha Jhangiani and Sohiny Das

This year’s Verve list identifies the three Cs in each of the ladies. They are varied in profession, personality, opinion and attire. Yet they are threaded together by distinction, which sets them apart. These fashion-forward women certainly deserve kudos for being the nation’s style-guides in their own inimitable ways.
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Grover Vineyards, Kanwal Grover

Grover Vineyards continues to serve some of India’s finest wines
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