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'06 Issue 02


Lessons from the bottom of the world

Text and Photographs by Tishani Doshi

What can you say about Antarctica? That of all the derrières on the planet, hers is unquestionably the most sought after, most shapely, most spectacularly difficult to reach. That she is virginal and ancient simultaneously. Frozen still and furiously moving. TISHANI DOSHI finds herself on the most super-cool place on the planet
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Seattle, Vancouver

Sleepless In Seattle

Text by Sitanshi Talati-Parikh

Home to Microsoft, Boeing and those fabulous Starbucks frappuccinos, Seattle, the vivacious city on the ‘upper-west’ side of America, is a ski-jump away from Vancouver. As it always does at this stage – when flying for business takes precedence over flying for pleasure – Verve’s rendezvous with the Emerald City began with a business seminar...
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Binod Pradhan, Cinematographer

Shooting The Screenplay

Text by Madhulika Varma. Photographs by Akash Mehta

Unarguably one of the best cinematographers of our time, Binod Pradhan uses his camera like a paintbrush to create visuals of unmatched colour. His cutting-edge imagery in the much-applauded Rang De Basanti trasnports you into the fevered and furious heart of the film. The consummate, yet extremely shy Mumbai-based artiste gives Verve a rare peep into his private and professional frames
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Sonia Faleiro, Novelist

Fresh Stock

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Photographs by Akash Mehta

Young, talented and ambitious, these new buds on the block are driven by a passion to make a mark in their chosen careers. Verve spotlights eight gutsy girls – who are following – and fulfilling – their desires, from Mumbai, the city of dreams
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