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October 05, 2016

Your Guide To Making The Most of Hair Oils

Text by Aparrna Gupta

Experts give you all the do’s and don’t’s

“Oiling adds a natural sheen to the hair. Massage from the front to the back, using light circular motions. However, once a week is enough, daily would be overkill. Excessive oiling can cause blockage of sebaceous glands present on the scalp, leading to hair thinning and infections,” says Dr Satish Bhatia, dermatologist and skin surgeon, Dermetics. Never heat herb-infused oil directly on the flame as that will lead to loss of precious nutrients, instead use the double boiler method. “Dip some cotton in lukewarm oil and dab on the roots after making partitions with a soft tail comb. This should be followed by a gentle massage using your fingertips with special focus on the roots, which helps to improve circulation and promote hair growth. A time gap of 45 minutes to an hour before cleansing the hair is sufficient for effective penetration of the nutritive oils. Remember to read the labels of your haircare products as organically grown unprocessed cold pressed oils have the highest levels of nutrients for your hair,” advises Dr Ipsita Chatterjee, senior manager, training and brand communication, Forest Essentials. “Gentle shampoos, free from harsh sulphates but enriched with ingredients such as amla, reetha, soya protein, coconut oil and herbal infusions give natural shine, swing and fragrance to the mane. Intensive conditioners featuring shikakai, henna, brahmi, Indian spikenard, coconut and jojoba oils should be used for smooth and glossy hair,” she adds.

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