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January 20, 2016

The Lazy Girl’s Style Guide to Winter Dressing

Text by Dessidre Fleming

Four young designers tell you how to work the look for the winter with minimum effort…

There are so many reasons to be lazy right now—the weather, the mood, the way the blankets just fall over our bodies, the furry pets that ask for you to be just as relaxed… The list, I must say, is endless! But, every so often, a day will come along when you just have to go along with the social obligations. Four fashion designers help us go from indoor-sloppy to outdoor-chic, drawing from their very own personal lazy-day experiences.

Shruti Sancheti

I usually come up with easy solutions to my style dilemmas on a day when I am not up to making the extra effort. I manipulate my most comfortable pieces of clothing by adding on some more pieces of clothes or accessories to appear a bit more stylish. Plus, it helps keep the chill at bay.

1. My silk handloom trench coats in pochampalli, benarasi or khadi silk when worn over a simple dress or a plain sari adds instant glamour and substance to any outfit and makes it look formal and dressy with the least effort.
2. There is this beautiful soft pashmina wrap in paisley prints that keeps me warm and is extremely versatile. I use it as a shawl, a scarf or a dupatta depending on what my outfit demands on a cold day.
3. How can I forget my rockstar Louboutin booties which are totally not my style but keep my feet warm and comfortable. They look really cool and always add glamour to a mundane outfit or a pair of tights.
4. On days when I feel really lazy or just not in the mood to make an effort, my collection of cottons, linens, and denim jackets in prints and textures always elevate any look and are a big favourite when worn with leggings,well fitted jeans or even a simple dress.
5. Last of all, a statement piece of jewellery—currently a pair of tassel and chandelier earrings—always gives any look a major facelift.

Kiran Uttam Ghosh

I have a few outfits that are the quickest to get into and the easiest to pull off—my pleated knotted dress over a pair of soft white pyjamas. They are the equivalent to comfort food for me. I own about 50 such outfits in different shapes, sizes and fabrics. Plus, they are low maintenance and crease-free even after a 10-hour long flight! In the winter, I just add a cashmere skinny and a spunky shawl, or scarf to the outfit.

1. I have a pair of cheerfully whacky socks from Paul Smith’s menswear range, for when I am working in my studio in the winters, as we aren’t allowed to enter with shoes and dirty the fabrics.
2. I also absolutely love a pair of white trousers that I wear in winter because they go with everything! It just makes any outfit look sharper and it’s always on point without me having to try too hard! (They don’t even need ironing.)
3. A pair of ankle boots, or my Kurt Geiger peep-toe boots do the trick when it comes to my winter lazy-day footwear blues!
4. I also own a couple of crisp white shirts with French cuffs for a formal meeting. I like the androgynous appeal it lends to my entire look. And it’s so easy and comfortable to be in, all the time.
5. My Chartreuse Burberry trench is my go-to clothing item, especially if I am off on a quick weekend trip to the Far East where it rains all the time!

Anupama Dayal

To be honest, I feel lazy every day! But I’m a fit person who enjoys long walks and comfort is key to everything I wear. So, you will rarely ever find me in stilettos or tight-fitted clothes. I like loose fits which lend comfort and still look great.

1. On a perfectly cold day, I wear the palazzos from my line which are perfect for absolutely any weather; they don’t get crushed up and are the easiest thing to roam about in. They are like the quintessential PJs, but can also be worn to go out in!
2. I also love wearing thermals which keep me warm because I’m a Bengali and I feel cold!
3. A great pashmina in its brightest colours sets the tone for any outfit and attracts enough attention to take away from the rest of my outfit on a lazy day.
4. Jewellery has never been something that has bothered me, ever. I just love it so much that it doesn’t interfere with my being lazy! It actually helps with the layering and distraction.
5.  My footwear is all about easy comfortable. I also end up going for a lot of limited-edition sneakers, like my Nikes from New York, a pair of spiked strainers with heels—that’s my footwear style for winter!

Pallavi Mohan

On one of those days I prefer to stay indoors—snuggle up in my blanket and cosy up with my dogs. The idea of hibernating has crossed my mind, yes. Nothing beats feeling warm and fuzzy on a cold winter’s day. Of course, I keep my face oil and my oil heater within arm’s reach.

1. My winter wardrobe essentials comprise a range of leather jackets with raw edges, pelt jackets and short shift dresses—these make it easy to just throw on, no matter what the occasion is.
2. There are days when I find the cold just a little too harsh for dressing up, or down. On such days, I’d rather just team up a pair of track pants with a sweat shirt and a pair of sneakers.
3. I absolutely cannot do without my leg warmers, warm scarves and my boots.
4. I usually skip on accessories because, well, that’s the whole point of being lazy for me!
5.  I have a pair of leather boots that becomes my comfort footwear during winter. I hate to have to choose between these and any other pair….

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