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December 20, 2016

Who Wore Androgyny Best?

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

We round up our favourite androgynous looks from the year 2016!

Androgyny may be the current buzzword, but is hardly a recent trend. Male models appearing at women’s fashion weeks and vice versa are no longer newsworthy but a common occurrence. However, the freedom with which designers, brands, campaigns and stars on the red-carpet are blurring the boundaries of gender is truly dramatic, leading to some trendsetting moments in fashion.

When talking about those who wore androgyny best, mention must always be made of the eternal ‘babe’ Annie Hall played by Diane Keaton, who made borrowing men’s shirts, vests, ties and slouchy suits cool in the 70s. Plenty of designers have always been creating gender fluid clothes. With the rising popularity of brands like Hood by Air, Alexander Wang and Fenty x Puma, androgynous sweats and other streetwear staples have also become mainstream.

Fashion’s current reigning designer, responsible for the mini-revolution started at Gucci,  Alessandro Michele explains the rising omniscience of this trend. ‘If you walk down a street in any town or city in the world today you realise there’s a kind of marvelous anarchy that characterises young people, actually people of all ages. My collections reflect something that is happening around us: a strong affirmation of freedom beyond what’s already established, beyond cataloging, beyond labeling.’

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Among the others, Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2016 campaign by the legendary music video director Hype Williams starring a motley crew of celebrities creates a bizarre, glittering, leather-spangled, dark and mysterious atmosphere. It is somehow extremely gothic and still campy in the way only Marc Jacobs can be.

Alexander Wang’s irreverent, overtly sexy collections always have elements of grunge, punk, since they are streetwear inspired, naturally loads of androgyny. His Resort 2017 collection is no different.

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