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October 27, 2015

21 Cool Stores Every Man Should Bookmark

Compiled by Wyanet Vaz

From being able to order jeans made in Japan, to monogramming your initials on a custom made shirt, or personalising a pair of chinos to finding the perfect white shirt… We’ve rounded-up a list of stores that make sure boys are actually having all the fun!


What’s so great? If you believe that the devil is in the detail, you’ll appreciate their roster of English and Italian fabrics by Dormeuil, Scabal, Holland & Sherry and more. They also stock up on merino wool, cashmere and fine Egyptian cotton.

What Verve recommends: Their Autumn/Winter collection titled Chiaroscuro, blends structure with earthy tones. They have a private studio where you could also get a bespoke outfit made right from scratch.

 Rare Rabbit

What’s so great? We know that the only printed shirt you have comes out on the beach. But if you still love your prints, Rare Rabbit shirts have subtle drawings that are quirky, fun and don’t look devilishly Hawaiian!

What Verve recommends: We love their ceramic lapel pins that come in the form of bows and vintage sunglasses.

 Bombay Shirt Company

What’s so great? You can visit the store to get a customised shirt, or if you’re feeling too lazy you can get a home visit organised. BSC also commissions capsule collections like those from Payal Singhal, Acquin Pais and Purab Kohli. This season they’ve also collaborated with SS HOMME to launch a festive line titled ‘Ceremonia’.

What Verve recommends: When you get your shirt custom-made don’t forget to add your own monogram (we also know of someone who got a FTW done!)

The Bro Code

What’s so great? This accessory destination for men will leave you feeling spoilt for choice. Their super exciting range of bow-ties will have you adding them all to cart!

What Verve recommends: This cufflinks haven is complete with tiny cameras, navy symbols, Transformers and even tiny scooters.

16 Stitches

What’s so great? 16stitches.com lets you customise your shirt in a matter of minutes. You can pick your specific kind of collar, fabric, buttons and even fit. While you’re at it, take a look at their new plaid collection, for casual wear.

What Verve recommends: You can also shop for fun accessories here. The yellow bow tie with tiny navy dogs will impress any canine-lover.

Bo Square

What’s so great? If the mundane is not your cup of tea, and you revel in being the hot gossip of the office, then this is your go-to. Amp your work wear with these fun, bold and brashy colour palettes.

What Verve recommends: We are in love with their bright brogues that look like a Parisian dream. And we secretly hope they make them for women too!


What’s so great? The luxury Italian brand should be your corporate fix if you’re looking for formals that are smart yet couture-ready. These are the exact pieces you’ll spot on the Italian runway, and should earn a special spot in your closet.

What Verve recommends: When winter comes you should keep their ‘new bomber’ as part of your staple outerwear. It’s sleek, practical with pockets and zippers and perfect for the globetrotter.

Bushido Denims

What’s so great? For every jeans lover who craves that comfort fit, head over to Bushido Denims. These jeans have been manufactured in Japan using the Selvedge weave, and are 100 percent cotton.

What Verve recommends: A pair of jeans can be ordered based on your comfort type and will reach you in a fortnight. They can be tried on for the comfort and cool factor and you can return it in 15 days, which we doubt you will.


What’s so great? If you’re looking for classy graphic tees, that don’t border between immature and kitsch, head over to brownboy.in.

What Verve recommends: We think every man should own the bird print tees, in practically every colour they can grab on to.


What’s so great? While you’ve already opened parallel tabs to customise your shirts as we speak, Creyate lets you personalise your chinos and suits as well. Move over, rickety old tailors.

What Verve recommends: Spend a few minutes on Creyate and you can try your hand at creating your own version of their ‘perfect formal shirt’.

Lacquer embassy

What’s so great? For men who enjoy the arty side of things, and would love the element of fun, this site promises a geometric take on fashion. We enjoyed browsing through their colour blocked and panelled shirts.

What Verve recommends: We like how they have used lines in better ways than just pinstripes!

Red Fleece

What’s so great? If you thought Brooks Brothers is more suited for your dad, the Red Fleece is tailor made for you. The serious clothing brand is younger, and a perfect choice if you’re looking for a no-nonsense look, or basically smart casuals.

What Verve recommends: Red Fleece is popular for polos and plaids. We love their navy colour palette, and shades that will successfully camouflage your bad boy look.

Herringbone and Sui

What’s so great? If you want to look dangerously dapper, or very pro-politico, this is your ideal store. With minimal motifs and their expertise with traditional wear, you can unleash your Indian swag.

What Verve recommends: You must check out their beautifully curated range of pocket squares, that will add some fluidity to your look.

Ermenegildo Zegna

What’s so great? Don’t be fooled by the corporate look of this brand. Under the Zegna umbrella, they also retail Z Zegna for a younger audience, and the pieces in this collection are casual, if you want to look dapper even after hours.

What Verve recommends: We’re kicked about their new Techmerino sneakers. You can swap your sport shoes for these extremely comfortable sneaks, and be bold enough to pair them with your suit.


What’s so great? Patrons of intricate craftsmanship and tailoring should head over to Corneliani. All their goods are made in Italy and come with a promise of extreme luxury, the kind of stuff that needs obsessing.  

What Verve recommends: We suggest you splurge over their micro-patterned silk ties and gold and enamel cufflinks. Their bags and shoes are made from prized leather and are total must-haves.

Corporate Collars

What’s so great? Corporate collars is the classier version of your usual tailor, just that they offer you a varied range of fabrics made using Italian machinery and German threads.

What Verve recommends: Corporate Collars on wheels is an interesting service provided by the brand. Like one of those food trucks, this van can be spotted at locations near you, where you can avail of their services. Log on to their website to get the complete schedule.

Stefano Ricci

What’s so great? From jewellery to accessories to bespoke menswear, Stefano Ricci will provide for luxury essentials. We can’t wait to see their exclusive wine cellar!

What Verve recommends: If you want to gift someone, or simply indulge in some Italian luxury, you can either pick their iconic eagle cufflinks created in 18 karat gold, or try their selection of fine wines that come in beautifully designed bottles.

Mr Fox

What’s so great? Promising a fit like no other, Mr Fox is a bespoke service that caters to a corporate and festive need.

What Verve recommends: This is your go-to if you’re looking for tailor-made bandhgala suits and jackets.  

Thomas Pink

What’s so great? If you’re looking for the perfect white shirt, British brand Thomas Pink will give you a choice of 52 different types of white shirts to pick from.

What Verve recommends: You buy all 52 of them!


What’s so great? If you’re looking for a really great colour palette for your shirts, this one is touted to satisfy your every need. From plaids, to greys and summery pastels, these shirts give you an old Bombay look and will guarantee a collective jaw drop!

What Verve recommends: We love their roster of fabrics that are perfect for the bohemian man. Pick a whole range of dusty pastels that can be cleverly paired with retro shades and aviators.  


What’s so great? For a man who is in love with quality, appreciates poetry and the finer things in life, this is your hub for exquisite luxury-wear.

What Verve recommends: From their Autumn Winter collection, make sure you take a look at their formal suits and caban jackets.

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