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May 10, 2017

These Aromatic Candles From Niana Will Elevate Your Mood Instantly

Enigma and Luminous, the luxury candles from the brand’s latest range, create a sense of warmth

Candles have the power to magically uplift the atmosphere of a room by radiating warmth. Across different cultures, lighting a candle invites positive energy. The sight of melting wax is hypnotic and de-stressing, and often used as a tool in the world of alternative healing.

Watching the flame is a meditative exercise in itself, and its aroma also helps set the mood. The love for perfumes and fascination with candles was the driving force behind Niana, a brand that is known for its handcrafted soy candles.

Inspired by fine fragrances, the latest range has been created in collaboration with Givaudan, one of the global leaders in the fragrance and flavours industry. The Enigma candle, where notes of lime, pear and peony combine with the warmth of vanilla and amber, is an ideal choice to create an energising ambience in your office or living room. Meanwhile, a candle from the Luminous range, made with a blend of soft white musk and sandalwood, is perfect for an intimate dinner.

Niana Travel Tins are very handy for those on the move, whether on a business sojurn, an adventurous holiday or a romantic getaway, to create the desired ambience anytime, anywhere.

So, set some time aside to pamper your senses, and work intimately with candles to evoke a sense of joy, serenity and romance!

DIY Therapy

For an intensely relaxing experience, let the candle double up as a balm. Try Replenish — from the soothing Body Massage range, made of shea and cocoa butters, vitamin E, essential oils and natural soy wax. Light the candle, let it burn to form a melted pool and extinguish. Drizzle a small amount of warm oil on your body and massage directly into the skin. This nourishing mix softens and hydrates the skin.

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