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December 05, 2018

Verve Picks: 5 Must-Haves From Mumbai’s Newest Dior Store

Text by Sadaf Shaikh. Photographs by Joshua Navalkar taken at the Dior store in Palladium, Mumbai

You may be spoiled for choice at the new Dior store in Palladium so we selected a few products that should absolutely be on your beauty list for the month….

For frequent navigators of Palladium, you won’t find the Furla store on the luxury mall’s first floor anymore. In its place is Dior’s first beauty store in Mumbai, one that houses a smorgasbord of skincare products, make-up essentials, fragrances and gift sets. Although the store is small, it makes up for it with gorgeously ergonomic interiors — a small section even has a screen that offers a direct view of Christian Dior’s mansion complete with snowflakes and pine trees. The left section of the store beautifully displays the entire Maison Christian Dior fragrance line while the front lures you in with its abundant shade of lipsticks. Finally, the right corner of the store takes you through its skincare range, where you will find new products as part of the Capture Youth portfolio alongside classics like the Intensive Restorative Night Creme from the Capture Totale range. We enlisted the help of Remi Mobolade, beauty enthusiast and PR co-ordinator at Dior to pick a few products that you must first head towards at the new store.


Why we chose it: This fragrance has a sweet story behind it: As a very superstitious man, Christian Dior would sew a lily — his favourite flower — into the seam of his dresses along with wearing one on his lapel every single day. According to the Chinese, lilies are associated with 100 years of love which is why they frequently make an appearance at weddings, besides also being tied to good luck. Instantly conjuring up an image of a pristine valley of lilies, the fragrance reveals itself gradually before enveloping you in its ozonic goodness. Currently, the Maison Christian Dior collection is only available at the Palladium, Mumbai store in India and has 22 different scents, each one packaged into a classic, fuss-free bottle.

Price: ₹24,850 for 250 ml


Why we chose it: Right in time for the party season, this collection comprises lipsticks that have a matte exterior and a metallic interior for those who want the best of both worlds. If you’re someone that likes to play it safe, you might want to blend the two colours in order to produce your shade of choice. On the other hand, if you wish to switch things up a little, you can apply the lipstick flat for a gorgeous ombré effect. Go for the iconic 999 Matte Metal shade if you’re a fan of the classics, but might we suggest a more experimental 510 Jungle Beige to end the year in flair?

Price: ₹ 2,600


Why we chose it: Part of the Capture Youth range of serums, the glow booster is the perfect antidote to our country’s pollution that renders the skin dull and lifeless. Infused with the goodness of the Kakadu plum, the gel is a beautiful orange colour that is reminiscent of a ripe orange replete with vitamin C, except the plum is 100 times more concentrated than the orange when it comes to packing in the vitamins. If you think your skin deserves some extra pampering with the rapidly fluctuating weather, you could apply the serum at night and combine it with the Plump Filler serum during the day. Don’t forget to pair it with the age-delay advanced creme in case your skin is well and truly feeling the effects of the harsh environmental elements.

Price: ₹ 6,600


Why we chose it: While the allure of a red lip is eternal, many women prefer to go for nude lips with dramatic eyes. For these women, we recommend the recently launched 877 Shock palette which comes with five high-impact shades that are both bold and long-lasting with matte finish and multi-effect harmonies. What’s more; the non-powdery texture is perfect for Indian skin which prevents your make-up from melding into a cakey mixture due to humidity. The 5 couleurs eyeshadow palette also comes with two double-ended foam applicators that allow easy blending of colours to create a truly unique aura about yourself.

Price: ₹3,900


Why we chose it: Originally existing as a single shade called Glow, the Lip Glow collection has grown to accommodate 10 shades in both matte and holographic shades. An ideal every-day balm, it employs the colour-reviver technology to adjust itself to the lips’ natural colour and enhance it. You can also layer it adequately on top of your lipstick to change the colour as per your fancy. We’re going with the holographic purple shade that lends a coat of iridescence to your lips while making sure they’re hydrated enough to not looked chapped.

Price: ₹2,450

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