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May 04, 2017

Verve Exclusive: These Unexpected Lipstick Shades Just Hit The Indian Market

Text by Wyanet Vaz

A mature alternative to the unicorn trend and 30 daring new colours… Here’s everything you need to know about Estée Lauder’s Pure Love lipsticks

This February 14th, makeup giant Estée Lauder dropped some major news we didn’t quite see coming: a teaser about an all new lipstick hashtagged Love Lip Remix, and you could only pre-order it if you were in the US. And now months later, 30 lush shades have made their way to Indian beauty shelves. They come in four finishes – matte, chrome, cream, and pearl.

The trend du jour is to try out the two-tone lip. But let’s be real here, Estee Lauder doesn’t follow trends, it sets them. So staying true to their ethos, Pure Love Lipsticks are all about remixing lip colours (even the finishes) till you find your unique shade. So for a serious ombre effect use the rose-tinted Crazy Beautiful on the periphery, and fill it in with Naked City, a gentle creamy nude.

And if you think (and act) beyond brick and beige, the brand has a line-up of three impressive shades that make a strong case for cosmic-inspired vampy lips. Nova Noir — a shimmery deep purple, Moon Rock — a midnight blue (that’s also a mature take on the unicorn trend), and Pocket Venus — a luxurious burgundy.

There’s a whole lot to love about these angular-shaped sticks that even reduce the need for a lip liner. So you might want to start adding them to your arsenal ASAP.

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