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February 10, 2015

All You Need is Love (and 40 Gifts)

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Move away gigantic teddy bears and heart-shaped candy. This V-Day, we give you a list of less-clichéd gifting options. And, diamonds can stay

1.  Gift her a star. Really! The International Star Registry can help you pick a star of your choice and name it. They even send you a certificate, all within 24 hours.

2. A little bit of Photoshop is all you need to make an awkwardly-cute card.

3. 8-bit makes a comeback and how! You can make a 2D version of his long-time favorite Super Mario, or an emoji that describes him best.

4. A mini-library with limited editions of her favourite books.

5. Engrave a message for him/her on a vintage wine bottle. After all, even love gets better with age!

6. If Ashton Kutcher could create a ‘Period Mix’ in No Strings Attached, you can certainly make an EDM playlist.

7. If there is anything she will love more than diamonds, it is Ed Sheeran concert tickets.

8. The Love Jar from Bombay Buzzare. Filled with 50 to-do notes, these should keep you occupied every weekend.

9. Couple passes to the Mahindra Blues Festival. It’s a rockstar way to celebrate V-Day.

10. Make a cheese burst pizza with his/her favourite toppings, and a note that reads, “Take a pizza my heart.”

11. Deady bears: For your goth girlfriend, a darker version of teddy bears.

12. For the adrenaline junkie: Book a day of water sports and paragliding at Café by the Beach.

13. If he’s into monograms and Burberry, a stylish scarf from the British fashion house is exactly what he wants. Pick up a bottle of Brit Rhythm for good luck!

14. For the typical romantics in you, enroll for a weekend getaway camp. They have bonfires, starry nights and poetry reading sessions. Memorise a verse of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18.

15. Skip the fancy dinner, and do a gallery-hopping session instead. This month has a line-up of interesting art shows. If you’re following our Arts section, you’d know.

16. Remember those half-heart lockets. Well, you can do that with phone covers now.

17. If you aren’t experimental enough, play it safe with a bottle of perfume.

18. Create a DVD mix with a list of movies you could watch together. We forbid The Notebook.

19. Remember that scene where Big emails Carrie love letters written by old English writers? A notebook filled with those will clearly be treasured.

20. Gourmet ice-cream. Who said it’s only a break-up thing?

21. All our favourite watch brands have their V-Day collections out in stores. And we think you should splurge!

22. If he/she has a green thumb, gift them some rare and exotic seeds. You know what they say, if a plant manages to survive under your care, even a relationship will. You can thank us later.

23. Infinity things. Besides tattoos, we authorise everything else.

24. Sweet-smelling bath salts, because bathing should no longer be a solo affair. Plus, it’s a less creepy way of mentally undressing someone.

25. You don’t buy soft toys when you can gift Fendi Bag Bugs!

26. Adidas Originals for the sporty kind. NikeID is perfect for personalised gear. But, if you’re all about the moon and stars, Vans’ Star Wars collection is actually the works.

27. We recommend Bombay Shirt Company if you want to get a customised shirt. The fabrics, styles and patterns will leave them spoilt for choice. Like we always say, don’t forget to monogram!

28. For the material girl, who may not approve of your choice in clothing (but is too kind to admit), you can buy her gift cards. It’s easy and nothing will make her happier than swiping them like a pro.

29. A game of Twister.

30. Limited edition Swiss Army knives. Because it may come handy sometime.

31. Environment-friendly wish lanterns.

32. Fifa 15 and DVDs of all of their favorite PlayStation games is obviously the best gift of the millennium.

33. If you really want to do chocolate, get Hershey’s Hugs that go with the Kisses.

34. Who doesn’t need Bluetooth shower speakers?

35. Take him out to a beer-tasting session, that allows you to sample craft beers. And if you’re lucky, you also get a brewery tour. We suggest The White Owl, for the friendly staff, interesting mix of beers and the quirky ambience.

36. Diamonds. Lots of them.

37. Fitbits, noise-cancelling headphones, Kindles and panocameras. If she’s into pictures, a polaroid camera is the ideal gift.

38. There’s a reason we love happy feet. And no, we’re not talking about the penguins. Take time off and indulge in a pedicure together.

39. For the over-indulgent, you can always do the private jet, fancy dinner and give her a view of the cockpit. It’s fail-proof and you might just join the mile-high club.

Now, for the big one…

40. A hug. And a really long one at that.

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