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June 20, 2017

Twinkle Khanna Opens Up Her Vanity Case

Text by Aparrna Gupta

The actor, designer and bestselling author reveals how make-up has the power to add a bit of cheer

Being Beautiful
My idea of beauty, more than anything else, is about being effortlessly graceful. It’s blending in without jarring. The only reason to not stand out vis-à-vis your look is if you don’t want to make a noise and you want your work to speak.

Signature Style
Some people enjoy making statements and I am not one of them. My fashion sense is understated. I keep my face simple and am ready in seven minutes flat. I don’t believe in preening in front of the mirror for hours. I use a tinted sunblock and feel that it’s invaluable as it provides protection. I don’t need to use a foundation then. I use a bit of kohl and lip gloss and that’s enough. I am happy.

Crowning Glory
Recently I was associated with the L’Oréal Professionnel French Browns, their trend colour of 2017. I must give all the credit for my lustrous hair to my mother Dimple Kapadia. She has looked after our hair very well. We have always oiled our hair and done all the grandma remedies. I continue to do the same for my daughter.

Fragrance Fetish
Lately I am looking for very strong and layered vanilla perfumes. I don’t know why. It’s just something which happened, and I have never been a perfume person. Maybe it’s hormonal changes. I am using something by Frederic Malle right now.

Travel Inspirations
When I am travelling I look more at places and architecture rather than people, but pay close attention to how people talk. I don’t really observe how they look.

Dresser Banter
If it cheers you up, gives you a little bit of happiness and makes you feel that you are ready to face the world then I think make-up’s wonderful. Sometimes when my eyes are absolutely bare, I feel I look transparent. If I put on some eyeliner, it becomes like a little bit of a mask that I am hiding behind. There are days when you want to hide.

In My Bag
Lip gloss, a pen, my phone, a credit card and a hairband to tie my hair if I feel it’s bugging me.

Role Model
Does my daughter want to strut in my heels or play with my make-up? I don’t think so, but she wants to be me. She likes to make wisecracks. She likes to read. That’s more her avenue of emulating. I don’t think she wants to dress like me. I think she feels she dresses better than me.

Mum’s the word
I don’t believe in grooming my daughter. She is four. This is the time she needs to be free, run barefoot in the mud.

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