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July 23, 2014

The Royal Escape

Text by Arti Sarin

Verve takes a step into classic luxury at the newest spa in town

  • Beauty, Kaya Kalp
  • Beauty, Kaya Kalp
  • Beauty, Kaya Kalp

A  magnificent oasis of  tranquility, inspired by Mughal tradition, finds a new meaning at Kaya  Kalp – The Spa at ITC Maratha. With the opening of the spa, a whole new dimension has been added to the hotel’s interior design. The spa is spread across an area of 10,000square  feet, where guests have  the opportunity to experience various therapies, in interiors that celebrate the opulence and grandeur of the Mughal dynasty.

As I enter the spa, I am struck by the rich pomegranate hue which is the predominant motif of this spa.It is widely believed that the emperor Babur was responsible for bringing the pomegranate into India.This important element is used on walls, the ceiling and on the terrazzo flooring which offers a dramatic inlay of red engineered stone. This vivid design plays out on the wall of the spa reception, as well as in the beautiful  circular  foyer which  leads  out  to the various treatment  rooms.  Enveloped in mother-of-pearl tables and pomegranates designed in silver leaf, each room is equipped for a specific function. Inlay and convex mirror work on accent walls, lovely pendant lamps and the beautiful stone lattice work that lines the walls of the treatment rooms, all pave the way for rejuvenation. The  luxurious  ambience  is  designed  to  offer  an  array  of treatments incorporating  an ‘East meets West’ philosophy with ancient Indian rituals and specialised Western massages. The lavish couple’s suite includes a contoured soaking tub, parallel treatment beds for simultaneous therapy, private showers and a relaxation sofa that transports guests to a blissful state.There is also a Dharadhoni bed,carved out of a single neem tree, which is used for several Ayurvedic treatments.

The charming spa manager Mia Munshi suggests that I have the Kaya Kalp Signature treatment. Besides the massage,one gets the customary footbath, a shoulder rub,some breathing exercises and a pounding of the feet. The oils used are customised to each guest and my 90 minutes of bliss were accented with  pomegranate oil. My therapist’s gentle hands, firm strokes, soft music, and the delightful fragrance of the oil transport me to a relaxed and restful state. I emerge looking refreshed and glowing, as promised, ready to face the real world once again!

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