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November 26, 2015

Verve Wedding Diaries #25: What Money Can’t Buy

Text by Wyanet Vas

From the furniture and air freshener, to the chocolates and the teas, every single piece at The Rose Salon is chosen for a reason. We give you 10 reasons why stepping into this glittering world is an experience like no other

1. With the idea of soothing all of your five senses, the interiors of The Rose Salon are designed in pastel hues of green, white and brown. You inhale an exotic fragrance blend, which has been customised only for The House of Rose.

2. The delightful hosts at the salon will offer you an exclusively created menu which includes exotic teas, milkshakes, American hot chocolates and even masala chai. For that sweet tooth, their chocolates (which they proclaim are the finest) are specially commissioned, and something you will never be able to taste elsewhere.

3. Their Commitment Collection, surprisingly, has got nothing to do with anything bridal. In fact it is so called because this jewellery contains rose gold, yellow gold and white gold, keeping in mind the union of the mind, body and soul. The House of Rose believes that these parts need to be in sync with each other for any strong commitment.

4. If you’re looking for their crème de la crème collection, head over to the ‘My Trousseau My Treasure’ section for heavy diamonds, emeralds and statement pieces.

5. The Rose Salon houses a special treasure chest, which is a collection of their rare and most exclusive pieces. But you don’t get a peek at those jewels, unless the brand stamps you as one of their exclusive clients.

6. The people at the salon keep a meticulous watch and make sure the customer is always at ease. If you feel a little chilly, they will quickly hand over a fine Pashmina shawl. In fact, if you happen to forget your glasses at home, they already have a prearranged box of spectacles to help you see clearly.

7. The gifting section at The Rose Salon includes a collection by Lladro, only because the Lladro sisters persuaded Biren Vaidya (the MD and ‘creative soul’ at The House of Rose) to incorporate their brand in his salon.

8. Rose Helps is a social initiative undertaken by the brand and has an interesting backstory. Biren Vaidya started his journey as an artisan and realised that after he was trained, an older artisan had to give up his position to accommodate him. Keeping this in mind, the brand makes sure artisans can work for The House of Rose even after they have completed 60 years of age.

9. Rose Helps also includes a separate collection of Ganpatis which are made out of Murano glass found in Venice. The beauty of this gem is that it can never be duplicated.

10. Each jewellery piece at The Rose Salon is exclusive, so when you make your next purchase, you can sleep well knowing that no one else in the world owns the same jewel.

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