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July 16, 2018

The Reigning Stars Of Street Style: Tanya Bedi

Text by Sadaf Shaikh. Realisation by Ekta Rajani. Photographs by Uma Damle. Hair and Make-up by Kalpana Sharma and Rozar Lobo, from The Body Shop, New Delhi

The graphic designer’s goal is to create a safe space for curvy women where they don’t have to dress according to their body type

A plus-size graphic designer who preaches body positivity like it’s her own religion, Tanya Bedi doesn’t like to be told what to do and she definitely doesn’t like to be told what to wear. Aiming to initiate a conversation on gender equality and consent, the 23-year-old’s goal is to create a safe space for curvy women where they don’t have to dress according to their body type. Harbouring a special fondness for slogan tees with uninhibited quotes, her style strategy is to wear what she feels like and invert the gaze of people who stare at her by glaring at them till they’re uncomfortable. Solid, we say.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…
“I’m a graphic designer living in Delhi NCR, and I constantly try to create content that is feminist, sex-positive and body-positive in nature.”

Describe your personal style…
“My personal style keeps changing but mostly it’s provocative. I dress up with the intention of sparking a conversation, be it about curvy girls being able to wear whatever they want, gender equality or the concept of consent.”

How do your sartorial choices liberate you?
“Growing up, I was always told what I could and couldn’t wear since I was a chubby kid, and I always liked clothes that are considered “skimpy” by societal norms. So when I do wear the kind of clothes that I do, it feels like I’m telling the people who tried to cage me to take a walk. When people look at me I can tell that I come across as someone who can’t be bothered with how an overweight girl should dress.”

Would you say that you use your sense of style to change people’s perception of you?
“I don’t particularly choose to change people’s perception of me through my style, but I like to believe that they can understand the crux of my personality by just one look. I’m not one to shy away from having uncomfortable conversations about sexuality, gender or race in any setting and my clothes help me initiate those conversations.”

Your style influences…
“Rihanna has been a very important influence in my fashion journey and I aspire to be as experimental as her someday. Other than her there is Alok V Menon, Jordyn Woods and Eileen Kelly.”

Your own fashion thumb rule…
“Wear whatever you feel like and if someone looks at you, glare at them till they get really uncomfortable.”

A fashion staple that enhances your outfit…
“I always have at least one gold accessory on me, if not more, to give my look something extra.”

Your signature style…
“Anything that will potentially make conservatives uncomfortable.” 

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