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July 09, 2018

The Reigning Stars Of Street Style: Ishani Das

Text by Sadaf Shaikh. Realisation by Ekta Rajani. Photographs by Uma Damle. Hair and Make-up by Kalpana Sharma and Rozar Lobo, from The Body Shop, New Delhi

Her flair for self-portraiture and unique outfit choices has put her on our style radar

That Ishani Das has a flair for self-portraiture is evident from her Instagram profile, which mainly features artsy shots of the 24-year-old photographer-cum-videographer. Throw open her closet and you’ll find only the bare minimum but allow her an hour with her trusty make-up kit and you will see how she uses her face to infuse her style with a sultry spirit. We spoke to the self-confessed introvert who styles her saris with a unique twist, pairing them with tees, sneakers and even jeans.

Describe your personal style…
“I have a predisposition towards being minimal in my dressing, but I do enjoy the occasional pop of colour. There are days where I’d probably wear the same palette from head to toe, but then I’d go all out with my make-up —  just that one element of drama to set off an otherwise regular outfit.”

How do your sartorial choices liberate you?
“I’m a very shy and awkward person but when I dress up, I do it in a way that shows who I am on the inside. As someone who enjoys self-portraiture, I do a lot of nude photography because I believe that skin is the ultimate medium of expression.”

Would you say that you use your sense of style to change people’s perception of you?
“Frankly, I don’t care much about people’s opinions. I dress for myself depending on how I’m feeling, so you could say that my clothes reflect my mood on a particular day. I feel like a blank canvas that is always on the lookout to be transformed into a work of art.”

Who are your style inspirations?
“My mother’s style has always influenced me — I grew up watching her wear saris since we’re Bengali, and gradually, I began to believe in the power of the sari. Now, I wear them to the office, and not just in the traditional sense of the garment; I wear them in the most casual of ways with jeans, shoes and t-shirts.

I don’t really take inspiration from pop culture but I do follow many accounts on Instagram. People on the street fascinate me too. I’ll come across somebody dressed interestingly and think to myself, ‘Hey, I think I could pull that off!’ Then I’ll go back home and put a few things together from my wardrobe in a similar fashion and discover that I can actually make it work.”

Your own fashion thumb rule…
“Don’t be afraid to experiment. People give unnecessary importance to their skin tone and weight. To them, I say, ‘Why don’t you just wear what you feel like and not think about whether this colour suits you or doesn’t?'”

A fashion staple that enhances your outfit…
“I have a pair of black platform boots that go fantastically with practically everything in my wardrobe. I’ll rock a regular jeans-and-tee combination even if I’m going to a party, but throwing those boots into the mix just elevates the whole look.”

What is your signature style?
“I wear a lot of ripped jeans with billowing shirts that are easy to breathe in, yet look feminine in their own way. Sometimes, I’ll pop open the buttons on top or just pull it down a little bit from the shoulder to give it an edge.”

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