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January 18, 2018

The Cool Kids Of Queer Fashion: Kaleekal By Alan Alexander

Text by Ojas Kolvankar

The experimental designer’s installation at Queer Aesthetics Now is an attempt to reclaim one’s identity through the abstraction of gender

Label talk: Kaleekal, the labour of Alan Alexander’s tireless attempts at creating quality gender-neutral clothing, aims to reinvent a rigid and stale wardrobe that is bound by self-imposed rules that adhere to mainstream ideas of masculine and feminine.

Breaking down the installation: ‘Otherness’ is an attempt at the reclamation of identity through the abstraction of gender. The concept of gender is often limited by the constraints of the body — a limitation extending to our wardrobes, necessitating a much-needed shift in the way the self is viewed. The installation displays two long shirts — staples of male and female wardrobes — yet with clear gender markers by way of button placements. These garments are made of sheer handwoven silk organza with the bodice having a detachable bib that acts like a harness.

Designer speak: “The project is an exploration of sensuality through the un-gendering of garments — a departure from strict, utilitarian garments that often perform just the basic function of a piece of clothing — to protect and cover, much like armour. I wanted to lower the guard, to peek under it and explore the vulnerability and sensitivity of the self,” says Alan Alexander.

Queer Aesthetics Now will host a special exhibit and an engaging panel discussion on the 20th of January, 2017 at 4.30 p.m. This will be followed by high tea alongside a special dance performance. For full event details, go to

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