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January 19, 2018

The Cool Kids Of Queer Fashion: Bobo Calcutta By Ayushman Mitra

Text by Ojas Kolvankar

The eccentric label’s installation at Queer Aesthetics Now! celebrates the right to love freely and live without fear

Label talk: Ayushman Mitra’s eclectic label Bobo Calcutta treats garments as an art form that is able to initiate conversation on topics that some might call uneasy. With a psychedelic colour palette and explosive content at its crux, the label’s central motif is an androgynous split face seen in a lip-lock that symbolises liberation and self-acceptance, and appears frequently in its collections.

A breakdown of the installation: Mitra has envisioned a sexless piece for this project that is garbed in a cotton jumpsuit detailed with prints developed from his paintings that depict gender-neutral faces seen in a lip-lock. The detailed hand embroidery on it derives its tones from the colours of the pride flag, and is enthusiastic and celebratory in nature.

Designer speak: “It is very important to accept one’s true self before trying to convince others. My installation celebrates our right to love freely and live without fear and my garments are for people who do not fear attention and are confident about their choices. My previous collection celebrated diversity in the queer community and was called ‘the hybrid story’. As a brand that has strong opinions, the liberation of sexuality is at our core,” says Mitra.

Queer Aesthetics Now! will host a special exhibit and an engaging panel discussion on the 20th of January, 2017 at 4.30 p.m. This will be followed by high tea alongside a special dance performance. For full event details, go to

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