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April 13, 2017

Talitha: The Label with an Impressive Travel Wardrobe

Text by Nisha Paul

The duo behind the brand talks to us about their exotic yet urban fashion label

Creating versatile clothes with uncompromising quality is a challenge. Shon Randhawa is the co-founder of the Indian ethnic brand Patine and Kim Hersov has been fashion editor at international publications. Together they have co-founded the bohemian luxury brand Talitha —  travel wardrobe for the free spirit. Stylish silhouettes, laid back layering and timeless hand embroidery feature on kaftans, woven cotton playsuits, shirts, jackets, dresses, skirts shorts, kimonos, and capes. They work closely with local artisans in New Delhi, striking a  balance between Indian motifs and international aesthetics.

We met the duo at their studio in Notting Hill in London to chat about their fashion brand that retails at top international stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Harrods, and online on Net-a-Porter.

About Talitha
Kim: It was completely spontaneous. Shon and I have been friends for a long time and I have adored some of the detailed embroideries that she was getting done for her brand Patine.  Initially, I was going to work on a few specific pieces with her but we realised it had to be launched as a separate brand since the whole collection is based on a different theme. We wanted the name to signify someone who is an adventurous traveller. ‘Talitha’ in Aramaic means ‘little girl or daughter’.

Shon: I was doing an ethnic collection for Patine in Delhi,  but I understood that in order to reach a global diaspora, the styling had to be more fresh and western in its approach. I was still saddled with my ethnic sensibilities inspired by my Indian heritage,  but at the same time, I  wanted to branch out and dress people across the world.

Making of the brand

Kim: The designing is done by me. It was a huge learning curve because I  had worked as a fashion editor prior to this. Shon and myself work in her factory in New Delhi where all the clothes are made. We have a pattern cutter we work with and the embroidery is something which we get done from different regions in India, such as the Kantha embroidery from Bengal. Our leather and knitwear are manufactured in Italy.

Down to business

Shon: Vision and ideas are fantastic to have but one needs to transform them into reality. We have a good understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  So, Kim has the final say on the design and I have the final say in business and that has lead to a fulfilling long-term partnership.

Working with artisans in India

Shon: We work with local artisans and promote fair trade practices and good working conditions. Women are being trained and paid well which motivates them to sustain what they are doing. We have decided to use a percentage of our profits to support artisans who work with traditional hand embroidery.

What the future holds

Kim: We want to diversify into the lifestyle segment. So it’s not just about clothes, but we want to create a world around the Talitha woman.  We’re looking at her home, with cushions, china, artifacts, accessories and more. We want to highlight an eclectic attitude whilst still keeping the vintage rock chic elements in place.


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