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August 03, 2016

Suhani Pittie’s Guide to The Galaxy

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Because this season is all about taming the stars

The idea of the universe and its vast expanse is so subjective, that any wild interpretation is always a welcome addition to the mystery that surrounds it. When Suhani Pittie launched her latest collection titled Innerstellar, she looked to the far skies for inspiration. The geometric-heavy collection is a beautiful contrast to a woman’s fluid nature. The black and gold colour palette, and minimalist approach give the collection a mellow presentation.

Talking about the collection and inspiration, Suhani Pittie walks us through her thought process, and recommends a piece that is fitting for the Verve woman.

The geometric galaxy…

Geometry is unquestionably a cohort of science and mathematics. However, imagine a value of beauty added to edges, boxes, circles and lines. Shapes are inherent to jewellery. But this time, I  wanted to make the stiff shapes the heroes while adding the playfulness and whimsy to it.

The Inspiration…

What’s more geometric than the universe as a whole, along with all the million elements in it. All this while we walk and lie linear on this sphere called earth. Isn’t it so intriguing?

The thought process…

The idea was to make the stiff shapes sleek and sexy, and unexpectedly beautiful. That dash of black not only renders it mysterious but also charismatic.

The woman of today is…

…Like Earth – 70 percent water and 30 percent land. Water to me is calmness, purity and the nurturing flow of life. Land to me is life-giving, comforting and enveloping. A woman is all of it.

The Verve woman would love…

Though I’m excited about everything in this collection I would love for her to try the three moon necklace or the round hassle with perspex. Both are strong pieces, and will work with practically everything one wears and most importantly, they respectfully combine the aura of the heavenly planets in their shapes. It makes me realise how there are so many intriguing things in the scheme of life. Much like the Verve woman, who knows her own strength but respectfully values all that’s made her, and wears her values like a badge of honour.

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