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June 08, 2016

14 Haute Products To Buy Right Now

Compiled by Saumya Sinha

All you need this month for your fashion fix

What to buy: 1. Litia leather jacket from Diesel Black Gold 2. Gold Pendant from Ganjam’s Tasrika Collection 3. Sandals from Car Shoe 4. Clutch from Fendi’s Punkarlito Collection 5. Thoka classic bracelet from Kaligarh’s Puranya collection 6. Adelaide sunglasses from Michael Kors 7. Split-grain briefcase with serigraphic texture and leather inserts from Canali 8. Minnye leather jacket from Gas 9. Ha Why Luna sandals from Christian Louboutin 10. Noho Waverly backpack from Tumi 11. Natalia chain bag from Tom Ford 12. Baguette diamond earrings from Jaipur Jewels 13. Leather sandals from Tod’s 14. Maxi beach bag in cotton from Hermes

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