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February 27, 2018

Spreading The Word Of Queer Aesthetics

Have a look at these illustrations, as an initiative to spread the word of un-gendering fashion

Last month, we joined hands with Lakmé Fashion Week and Godrej India Culture Lab for Queer Aesthetics Now! to highlight the work of India’s young designers who are blurring the boundaries of gender.

Apart from a showcase, the event was a step towards merging the ideologies of fashion and gender to help others – especially students – to learn, question, recreate and produce an alternate vocabulary and imagery to make the industry and society more inclusive and diverse.

To also give a platform to students, Godrej India Culture Lab held a fashion illustration contest, calling in submissions from fashion schools and colleges across Mumbai, helping them be an active part of this socio-cultural movement and make their way to be talented and aware assets to the business.

Take a glimpse at the illustrations of these winners…

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