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April 09, 2015

A cut above the rest

Text by Arti Sarin

His love for travelling inspired him to create the ‘invisible haircut’, an unparalleled method of hair designing based on the concept of natural hair fall. Verve meets Rossano Ferretti, the international hairstylist whose empire is a fusion of grand ambitions and a pursuit of beauty

  • Rossano Ferretti, the international hairstylist
  • Rossano Ferretti, the international hairstylist
  • Rossano Ferretti, the international hairstylist
  • Rossano Ferretti, the international hairstylist
    Rossano Ferretti

He has set his scissors to the heads of many supermodels and celebrities including Salma Hayek, Lady Gaga and Linda Evangelista. There is a three-month wait list for ladies who want to get their hair cut by this Italian maestro.

With a strong presence in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Rome, Madrid and Beijing, the Rossano Ferretti Hair Salon is now at Levo Spalon, Gurgaon. This luxurious haven includes state-of-the-art facilities in beauty and skincare, and a make-up studio. The celebrity hairstylist, who is also the global spokesperson for L’Oreal Professionel, was in New Delhi for the launch of his salon. Excerpts of his conversation with Verve:

What’s unique about your signature ‘Invisible Haircut’?
I could explain this in a thousand ways but I will keep it simple. I had a blogger who came to interview me a day before. I asked her how many salons she had visited in her life. She said 21. How many of them made her happy? She said none. I asked her to stop the interview and just have a haircut first. After the haircut, I asked her what she felt about her haircut and she replied that this was the first time in her life that she felt she had not cut her hair and had a ‘haircut’.

How did you get into hairstyling?
When I was 15, I travelled for six years with no money but a desire to learn about people. My mother was a hairdresser and my grandfather was a barber. They asked me to join the business. My mother had two chairs in a village of 300 inhabitants, so I started from scratch. Then I went to London to a school and in three days I did a haircut that normally students took six months to do. I did not speak English and the teacher asked me who I was. I said, ‘No one. I just want to cut hair, maybe I just have a skill’. They offered me a job but I wanted to travel and work, and work and travel. I was not happy about the hair salon business and for this reason, I tried to revolutionise it.

What are the Spring/Summer 2015 hair trends?
I don’t believe in trends. In hair you can’t really talk about trends as you can’t have a haircut that looks good on someone else. You can talk about new things that are coming up — techniques, products but not trends.

How do you perceive the Indian woman and her relationship with hair?
Some have a cultural frustration with their hair. They think that long hair is beautiful ­but many are not being able to have the experience or the money to get it done. But the upscale girls are like those in Singapore, Hong Kong and London who travel, are aware of what they like and are in sync with international trends.

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