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July 06, 2014

Silver Linings

Text by Wyanet Vaz

For Indian consumers who carry forth the tradition of gifting silverware, Ravissant takes the bespoke route – fashioning products for the modern maharaja

  • Sterling silver centerpiece with rock crystal nut bowls
    Sterling silver centerpiece with rock crystal nut bowls
  • Sterling silver peacock nut bowl with enamel
    Sterling silver peacock nut bowl with enamel
  • Sterling silver rooster nut bowl with enamel
    Sterling silver rooster nut bowl with enamel

The dream of fixing an elaborate silver jhumar in your home, just like the one you saw at Chowmahalla palace, can no longer be a mere figment of imagination. You can create tailor-made silverware with Ravissant’s bespoke services, available for their privileged club of customers. Most of their works have found a place in the homes of the rich and famous, including Prince Ysenberg of Germany, Lady Warner of England and luxury suites in Delhi’s ITC Maurya Hotel. Ravissant’s arsenal comprises of silver beds, elaborate centerpieces, chandeliers, high-tea silverware, tapestry with ancient weaves, specially designed wedding dresses and embroidered bed linen. All you need to do is walk in with an idea.


1. Only by appointment An appointment can be taken at any of the Ravissant outlets. They prefer you come with an idea in mind, a simple thought behind the product you would like to commission.

2. Initial visit The managerial team would pay you a visit to understand the dimensions of your home and the placement of your commissioned product. They show you similar crafted products to understand your taste and preferences. They suggest alternatives to make sure the product fits your home perfectly like the missing piece in a puzzle.

3. Drawing board The design is taken to the drawing board, where a detailed presentation is made compromising of colour combinations, use of semi-precious stones and varied options in the form of blue-prints and visuals. Across a span of two weeks, a design is finalised and it moves to production.

4. Production Every piece is handcrafted by Ravissant’s master silversmiths at their controlled workshop in Delhi. Each product is created using the finest quality of alloy that contains 92.5% of silver. The products are adorned with a stamp of Ravissant, the year of making, the craftsman and designer’s hallmark.

5. Time frame Creating a customized product usually spans across three months. However, it solely depends on the intricacy of the detailing.

Custom Creation Gia Sharan, CEO of Ravissant, recalls an elaborate bespoke project that included a tea story replete with high-tea essentials. “The invites came with a tea set, and exotic tea boxes were placed in all suites. The take-away included an assortment of cookie bowls, tea napkins and rich linen.” Designed for a wedding, each step of the bridal celebration was accompanied with engraved messages on personalised Ravissant silverware.

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