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March 23, 2014

A Magic Touch

Opulence at your fingertips – Rado Esenza makes a power statement with classic shades and dramatic highlights

Embrace the beauty of monotones, as Rado advocates simplicity to be sophistication’s most powerful tool. The Rado Esenza Ceramic Touch is a technical triumph for the brand, and a first in the world of watchmaking. Many have dreamed it but Rado has made it a reality. This minimalistic timepiece in ceramic is created exclusively for women. Controlled by a gentle press and an easy sweep, it’s magic lies in the magnificent ceramic casework.

Touted to be an ultimate splurge, the lack of unnecessary parts make it a sleek addition to your wrist. The cutting-edge high-tech ceramic means the watch is fully touch controlled with just a light sweep – left for hours and right for minutes. The case is gently oval, adding a certain softness to the structured monobloc. As always, Rado’s celebration of advanced materials defies convention. The curved sapphire crystals float like a cupola over the entire upper surface.

Not only will the watch retain its brilliant shine over the years, but also boasts of an extended battery life, lasting up to four years.

The six new models in black and white are as pristine and powerful as the pieces on a chess board. Rado Esenza has an uncluttered, streamlined design as it nonchalantly claims to be a future classic.

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